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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development

    Driving economic growth through Critical Technologies

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    Digital transformation is driving South Australia's economic growth

    As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, South Australia has the opportunity to harness critical technologies to drive innovation, solve problems and attract investment to the state.

    The Critical Technologies team develops programs and strategies to support industry to increase their awareness of and adopt the technologies that will allow them to take advantage of these opportunities.

    South Australia has research and industry strengths aligned to a number of key technologies that will be critical to driving progress in some of our most important industries, such as defence, space, health, manufacturing and more.

    The value of the digital economy

    $56 billionICT contribution to Australia's economy in 2021
    42,000employment in South Australia
    15%increase in SA tech workforce in 2022

    South Australia's opportunity

    South Australia’s Economic Statement outlines a vision for an economy that is fit for the future – that is smart, sustainable and inclusive.

    Connectivity is at the heart of a smart economy. South Australia must become known as an ambitious and capable state that embraces the technologies that will help us to develop new products and services to take to the world.

    Artificial intelligence is entering mainstream use, and new technological innovations are transforming our industries. Adopting and developing these technologies will be critical as we embark on the next economic transition – one that is driven by sustainability and technology.

    The AUKUS agreement presents significant opportunities for South Australia, positioning the state as a lead technology partner for three of the eight advanced capability streams – quantum technologies, artificial intelligence and autonomy, and advanced cyber. Building our capabilities in these areas will further strengthen our position as a security partner of choice, attracting investment and establishing new export opportunities.

    Technology critical to South Australia’s future

    Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that enables machines to simulate human behaviour, while machine learning is a subset of AI that allows machines to learn from past data without explicit programming.

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    Quantum technologies

    Quantum technologies leverage a branch of quantum physics that is expected to enable innovations in a variety of areas ranging from drug and materials discovery, to climate and weather modelling, to behavioural analytics.

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    Photonics technology is intrinsic to our society, using the power of light in a range of products and services, from microchips to cars, the screens on our electronic devices, sensors in public bathrooms through to advanced aircraft.

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    Robotics is the science and practice of designing, manufacturing and applying robots – machines that have four essential characteristics: sensing, movement, energy and intelligence.

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    Cyber security is a critical enabler for the digital economy, safeguarding Australia’s national security interests by protecting computers, networks and data from attacks that compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

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    RNA Biotechnologies

    Biotechnology uses biological systems, living organisms, or parts of them, to create new products or improve existing ones, and has the capability to transform industries and unlock new ways to address global challenges.

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    Industrial Internet of Things

    Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an ecosystem of connected devices, sensors, applications and associated networking equipment that work together to collect, monitor and analyse data from industrial operations.

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    Advanced information and communication technologies

    Advanced information and communication technologies bring together telecommunications, computers and software, such as data analytics, optical and radio frequency communications, cyber security technologies, and more.

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    Driving economic growth through critical technologies

    WATCH | Cyber resilience for small business

    With Paula Oliver, Department of State Development

    Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and are constantly developing new tactics to breach networks and steal sensitive information. The Covid-19 pandemic intensifying the impact of cyber risks, coupled with the major cyber breaches of Medibank, Optus and Latitude Financial, it is more important than ever that Australia strengthens its cyber security capability, resilience and trust – all essential for a modern digital economy.

    Get help navigating opportunities in critical technology

    There are experienced DSD team members available to support your growth ambitions – whether that be help with workforce development, navigating government and other support programs, connecting with peers and industry leaders, or the adoption of new technologies.

    GigCity Adelaide's first gigabit network logo


    The GigCity Program provides affordable, ultra-fast internet connections to eligible businesses, making Adelaide one of the most connected cities in the southern hemisphere.

    GigCity is harvesting a new era in digital connectivity, changing the pace of data sharing and enabling new levels of collaboration that were unimaginable a generation ago.

    GigCity is available to 468 business in 23 innovation precincts across the Adelaide metropolitan area, and is also being utilised by 62 eligible businesses in Mount Gambier and Whyalla.

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