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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development

    Quantum technologies

    Quantum technologies are transforming economic and national wellbeing

    Quantum technologies leverage a branch of quantum physics to build advanced technologies that would otherwise be impossible.

    These technologies enable innovations in a variety of areas, including improving data security, drug and next-generation materials discovery, quantum networks, optimising energy, waste management and banking, improving accuracy in sea water and underground water tables measurement, detecting underground leaks and earthquakes, medical imaging and mineral detection.

    Australia has been a significant contributor to and a leader in early quantum research.

    With the global market in quantum computing expected to grow by 30 per cent per year over the next five years, quantum technologies in Australia could contribute $6.1 billion to GDP by 2045, directly employ 19,400 people and create more than 35,000 jobs.

    The Australian Government announced a National Quantum Strategy in May 2023, which sets a long-term vision to grow Australia’s quantum industry.

    QuantX leading the way for South Australia

    South Australian company QuantX is a world leader in high-precision timing and quantum sensor technologies.