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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development

    RNA Biotechnologies

    Biotechnologies are solving challenges and protecting our health

    Australia has a thriving biotechnologies industry, with the potential to generate $27 billion in revenue and 44,000 jobs by 2040.

    Biotechnologies use biological systems, living organisms, or parts of them, to create new products or improve existing ones.

    Examples of these technologies include synthetic biology, neural engineering and brain-computer interfaces, genome and genetic sequencing and analysis, vaccines and medical countermeasures, and novel medicines, including nuclear, antiviral and antibiotic.

    Biotechnologies have the capability to transform industries and unlock new ways to address global challenges, including:

    • how we prepare for and respond to pandemics
    • advanced diagnostic and therapeutic targeting
    • engineering cells and enzymes to clean up environmental pollutants and recycle plastics
    • engineering microorganisms to recover metals from ores and waste materials
    • better disease treatments.

    Building strong international partnerships and trade relationships will be essential to continuing to develop biotechnologies that will solve environmental and agricultural challenges, improve manufacturing efficiency, protect us from disease and bioterrorism, and improve quality of life.