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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development

    A new statewide innovation model

    A network of dedicated spaces with the physical, digital and social infrastructure required to accelerate new ideas into widespread economic outcome.

    South Australia is home to innovation and business precincts where industry, academia and government are working together to accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, research and technical solutions to global challenges. The research, development and innovation undertaken in these districts unlock business expansion, the translation of research into new markets, and the creation of high-value jobs.

    Innovation districts are carefully curated and focused on industries where South Australia has an existing competitive advantage so they can increase productivity, support the development of new-to-world products and services, solve complex industrial problems, deliver better healthcare, and strive for enhanced environmental outcomes.

    Fostering Our Future Workforce

    Within our innovation districts, the skilled future workforce is also developed and nurtured. Talented students are drawn to the environment by world-class education and research institutions, and then connected to neighbouring and partnering businesses.   High-value careers emerge in this cross-section of universities, research organisations and industry, whether it be opportunities with global corporations, established SMEs or promising local start-ups.

    Benefits to Business

    Businesses based at innovation districts benefit from access to research and sophisticated, purpose-built infrastructure to improve efficiency and speed-to-market. Tenants of South Australia’s innovation districts attract attention through their association with neighbouring global tech, defence and manufacturing giants. District-based growth opportunities—like accelerator programs, community events, potential partners and investors—give startups every chance to build a local venture to international success.

    Innovation is supported by GigCity

    Most South Australian innovation districts – along with several other metropolitan and regional business hubs – experience ultra-fast internet speeds thanks to the GigCity network.

    GigCity provides affordable, gigabit-speed internet to district tenants, enabling increased global connectivity and business productivity.

    This service is particularly relevant for businesses looking to transfer or download a significant amount of files or data. Users in research, IT and the creative industries have found this especially useful, commenting that their download speeds significantly improved after connecting to this digital infrastructure.