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    1st Feb 2024
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    Tucker's a natural pick to pilot Sigreen platform

    A partnership between DIIS, Siemens and Food SA has supported South Australian business, Tucker’s Natural, to pilot Siemen’s new technology to identify and track their carbon footprint across its supply chain.

    Through a competitive EOI process, Tucker’s Natural, was chosen for the pilot project to measure product-related emissions in food and beverage manufacturing using Siemens’ Sigreen platform.

    The insights have now enabled this local artisan baked snack producer to help them consider more environmentally friendly choices.

    Tucker’s Natural founder Sam Tucker said South Australia has taken the lead on environmental sustainability in Australia and so is positioned to support business in their transition to a green economy.

    “We are looking to understand our business emissions, bench mark our business against our industry and then work to reduce our emissions to ensure that we have a competitive advantage over other competitors in our market,” Mr Tucker said.

    “By identifying, measuring emissions and providing this information to our customers and then actively working to reduce our emissions we are aligning our business with the future objectives of our major customers.”

    Visit the Manufacturing Hub for more information about South Australia’s innovative manufacturing sector.

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