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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development


    More than 50 cyber businesses now operating in SA

    An update to South Australia’s Cyber Industry Capability Matrix shows the growth in the state’s cyber security capability and the sector’s strength nationally and globally.

    Cyber security underpins the growth of all industries given the increased rate of businesses harvesting, storing and using data.

    SA’s cyber ecosystem includes cutting-edge startups, research institutions and established companies, which are working collaboratively to tackle the ever-evolving cyber challenge.

    South Australia is currently home to 56 cyber security companies, a 40% increase (23) since the first matrix was released in 2023.

    This includes companies which provide cyber security products and/or services as their core business; and businesses which offer cyber security services and/or products, supplementary to their core business.

    Further, the matrix reveals:

    • 75% are primary providers (cyber security products and/or services which form over 75% of their total business offering)
    • 15% are secondary providers (cyber security products and/or services which form 50-74% of their total business offering).
    • 79% of cyber businesses are headquartered in South Australia
    • 93% are entirely Australian owned.
    • 3 businesses are First Nations owned.

    The top three capabilities provided by South Australia’s cyber companies are within the ‘Govern and Identify’ domain.

    • 91% of companies provide Professional Services in cyber security.
    • 79% of companies provide Risk and Compliance.
    • 73% of companies offer Education and Training.

    South Australia has more moderate capabilities in the ‘Protect’, ‘Detect and Respond’ and ‘Research’ domains, with Research representing only 32%, followed by 56% in Detect and Respond, and 57% in the Protect domain.

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