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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development


    Innovative solutions to develop SA’s workforce

    The South Australian Government is partnering with industry on seven new projects designed to address workforce shortages.

    This $1.35 million Workforce Innovative Projects pilot will see more than 360 participants take part in the pilot program, and around 110 full-time jobs created by the various projects:

    • Data Science Hub: will take advantage of AI-enhanced curriculum to support learners and employees to advance their skills in data analytics, visualisation, cloud computing, and data privacy.
    • Textile Knitting @ Ennio: addresses the large skill gap in raw material and circular knitting knowledge.
    • Aboriginal Care Ready Project: aims to address the lack of suitable workforce to provide culturally appropriate care for Aboriginal people with disabilities.
    • Hands On TV: aims to address a shortage of skilled workers in the television industry and reduce reliance on interstate workers
    • Greenhouse Technical Management: supports industry to adopt new growing practices using modern greenhouse and hydroponic production systems and technologies.
    • Internal Dairy Processing Career Pathway: provides a tailored dairy manufacturing pathway for new and existing workers to upskill - increasing worker knowledge and creating new job opportunities.
    • Tech Start: supports women aspiring to STEM careers in defence, space and cyber by delivering bootcamp-style training designed to rapidly develop digital capabilities and lead to employment in data analytics and cybersecurity roles.

    These projects, designed by industry and funded by the South Australian Government, focus on increasing workforce capability and business productivity.

    Each will help employers mitigate the risks of current labour supply shortages by building a pipeline of skilled employees to drive future business ambitions.

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