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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development


    Free AI education for SMEs

    Boost your AI knowledge with fee-free TAFE courses

    Small and medium-sized businesses can now access a free, online TAFE course to learn the fundamentals skills in artificial intelligence (AI).

    The ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ course, coordinated by CSIRO’s National AI Centre (NAIC) and the Institute of Applied Technology Digital (IATD), will provide a non-technical introduction to AI fundamentals, designed for people at the beginning of their AI literacy journey.

    Delivered by TAFE NSW, the free course will cover topics including:

    • Challenges and risks
    • Common misconceptions
    • Real world applications, and advice from industry experts to start a career in AI.

    Up to a million scholarships will be made available to help small business owners and their workers to boost their knowledge and skills and adopt AI technology in their business operations.

    Want to learn more?

    To help get the digital skills Australia needs, the IATD is also delivering a number of fee-free courses designed by industry and education experts.

    Help your staff get the skills they need and fill knowledge gaps in your business across in-demand areas, from AI and cyber security to big data, software development and cloud computing.

    Courses are delivered in partnership with TAFE NSW, Microsoft, the University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University.