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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development

    Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

    Reducing obstacles for full inclusion

    The Department uses its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) to help reduce obstacles to full inclusion, and advocate for accessibility to our department’s work and activities for both stakeholders and staff who live with disability.

    We are currently reviewing our DAIP, taking into account changes to our department since the original plan in 2021, and we continue to actively educate and train our staff in the inclusion of people with disability.

    Significant changes are expected in this area with the release soon of the new State Disability Access and Inclusion Plan in early 2024 and the State Autism Strategy due for release in late 2023.

    We report on the plan every year to the Department of Human Services, and we continue to work to improve our offerings and performance in supporting employees and clients who live with disability.

    Until the new plan is released, you can view the 2021 plan to gain an idea of the kind of work we undertake in this area.

    This is a living document, so it will be updated as we progress, and we welcome feedback and comments at any time from our stakeholders and staff.