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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development

    Sunjive Studios

    Empowering Filmmaking Innovation

    Sunjive Studios Adelaide is a film studio complex providing facilities and services to filmmakers, creative and business professionals.

    The unique and multifaceted site is comprised of two sound stages, production offices, art department facilities, post-production facilities, and over 30 serviced offices.

    Established by filmmakers from across Australia as a true ‘one-stop-shop’, the company also provides financing solutions for creative projects and bookings for advertising, photography and events.

    Sunjive Studios attracts a diverse range of businesses and professionals such as filmmakers, professional gamers/streamers, videographers, content creators, and more – all of whom require ultra-fast internet speeds, easy set-up and reliable connection.

    Sunjive Studios Adelaide Facilities Manager, Troy Wilkey, says the company’s GigCity connection supports the site’s significant needs for high-speed internet on a daily basis.

    “The creative projects and activities of our clients involve the creation of highly interactive and visually immersive experiences,” Troy says.

    “Their work demands powerful cloud computing and storage capabilities.

    “No day is really like any other when you have your office in a film studio.

    With GigCity, we can consistently deliver on the needs of our tenants, and they are impressed with the flexible pricing options and exceptional speed.

    “GigCity has enabled us to achieve our goals as a business, successfully drawing the attention of target clients.

    “The fast and reliable internet offered by GigCity has become instrumental in bringing interstate clients from the film industry to Adelaide.

    “As our brand awareness continues to grow, we anticipate attracting even more of our desired clientele”.

    Troy says the affect on Sunjive Studios as a business is a tangible measure. For example, video production company, Invisage Studios recently became a tenant at Sunjive, a decision which Troy says was “greatly influenced by the availability of GigCity.”

    Sunjive Studios aspires to be one of the most attractive and affordable film studios in Australia, and GigCity internet plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision. The high-speed, reliable internet provided by GigCity sets Sunjive Studios apart from other studios, enabling them to cater to the fast-paced needs of the film industry and other creative professionals.

    “GigCity is both affordable and fantastic in terms of speed. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of high-speed internet. Connecting to GigCity has been a game-changer for Sunjive Studios,” Troy says.