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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development


    Global e-invoicing services

    Link4 is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) business, designed to make the invoice process for businesses safer and more efficient. Link4 is an add-on to a client’s existing cloud accounting software to enhance its invoicing capabilities.

    Link4 is an add-on to a client’s existing cloud accounting software to enhance its invoicing capabilities.

    Based at Stone & Chalk in Lot Fourteen, Link4 supports hundreds of local businesses, and thousands globally. Businesses actively doing e-Invoicing with Link4 extend across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. They’re also the most used service by Federal Government Departments.

    When Link4 was becoming more established in 2019, the importance of having office space in the city was recognised, however as a start-up business, cost was prohibitive. This led to exploring options and discovering the Stone & Chalk start-up hub, which had a GigCity connection. Although they initially hadn’t sought out the GigCity connection, it didn’t take long before the fast internet and reliability of connection became an integral part of their business.

    CEO of Link4, Robin Sands, says “as we were getting more clients spread across Australia and then into other countries, the volume of data we were handling grew rapidly”.

    “We didn’t want our connectivity or customer experience slowing down due to a poor connection. We soon noticed that GigCity supported our operations in a very positive way.”

    Having a reliable internet connection and fast speeds gives us confidence that our service will be available whenever our customers need it.
    Robin Sands, CEO, Link4

    Robin also says the Gig City connection means his “staff are less frustrated”.

    “Our developers and data analysts do not sit around waiting as much. They easily and smoothly achieve their daily tasks without the frustration of limited bandwidth.”

    The Link4 team has quickly adapted to the speed of the GigCity connection, to the point where they barely notice it now and consider it the norm. They have commented on the ‘reality check’ moment of noticing how slow other connections are in comparison. It is so fast that, despite Covid led hybrid working conditions, some team members have chosen to work in the office rather than at home because the connection is more stable and much faster.

    Link4 has exciting plans for the future, with expansion into new countries. At the end of 2022, they will move into the USA market, along with greater activity in other regions. The expansion means the business needs to access and process greater volumes of data.

    Robin says, “Traditionally this would mean a slowing down of processing and activities, but GigCity can help us continue our work without noticing the speed impediments and as adoption of e-Invoicing increases it will become more important for us to have a fast and reliable connection to support our team and customers.”