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Government of South Australia - Department of State Development


    CyberOps fortifying space industry’s cyber defences

    The expansion of South Australia’s space industry, combined with our increasing dependence on space technologies, leaves the state open to the risk of cyber-attacks.

    Cyber security specialist CyberOps, based at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide, is at the intersection between space and cyber, helping space companies to increase their cyber resilience.

    The company recently secured a contract with the Australian Government to enhance the cyber posture of the local space industry, safeguarding space infrastructure and protecting sensitive data from cyber threats.

    Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, expertise and strategic partnerships, the project will:

    • build a radio frequency, hardware and software testing facility tailored for space hardware and services
    • create a space cyber simulation environment representing different aspects of the space ecosystem
    • develop space cyber training material for practitioners across the industry.

    This multifaceted project is designed to hone the skills of both space operators who need to improve their cyber awareness, and cyber professionals looking for specific space system awareness.

    CyberOps, which also designed the cyber range at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre, has integrated its expertise in cyber, defence and space, both locally and on the global stage, to help improve the cyber safety and resilience of industries that are critical to South Australia’s future.