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Since the introduction of the Science Excellence Awards in 2005, the Government of South Australia has recognised the efforts and achievements of more than 60 winners, many of whom are world leaders in their respective fields.

Researchers of this calibre continue South Australia’s long tradition of achievement in science, which began with the father and son partnership of William and Lawrence Bragg, who jointly won the Nobel Prize in 1915 and Howard Florey who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1945 for his pioneering work in the discovery of penicillin.

Science and research development are at the heart of lifting the opportunities, health and skills of South Australia’s workforce and the state’s social and economic prosperity. The awards showcase the critical importance of science and research to the development of industry and society as a whole.

The Science Excellence Awards are the most prestigious of their kind in the state and complement the national Prime Minister’s Prize’s for Science

Showcasing science and research

Now in its fourteenth year, the SA Science Excellence Awards will showcase the critical importance of science and research to the development of industry and our society.

Through the awards, we acknowledge the achievements of talented individuals, including recent PhD graduates and early career science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals and teachers, who are making an outstanding contribution to society both nationally and internationally.

These prestigious awards also celebrate those who have made a significant contribution in their field of research and continue to inspire future generations to become involved in science.

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