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The Commonwealth Cooperative Research Centre Program, was established in 1990 as a collaborative, industry-led, medium to long-term research program.

To date, the Australian Government has committed more than $4 billion to establishing 209 national Cooperative Research Centres.

The Premier’s Research and Industry Fund’s Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Assistance Program aims to optimise the strategic benefits of the Commonwealth CRC Programme within South Australia by encouraging South Australian State Government agencies an opportunity to be involved in a national CRC.

Funding is only available to applications being made for a CRC not a CRC Project.

Proposals are encouraged that have outputs that relate directly to South Australia’s priority areas:

About the program

The objectives of the CRC Assistance Program are to:

  • provide State Government agencies with the opportunities to participate in CRCs; this provides additional capacity to the agency and improved access to knowledge transfer, which can deliver direct economic, social and/or environmental benefits to the State
  • influence the CRC’s research objectives, activities and projects to address issues relevant to South Australia
  • provide funding to contribute to the employment of researchers and technologists in South Australia
  • promote regional development through the creation of new jobs and the seeding of future industry development opportunities
  • asist to develop networks between researchers, industry participants and regulators both nationally and internationally.


  • Funding Applications under the CRC Assistance Program will be accepted from South Australian based public or private research, educational, or other organisations (including universities, research institutes, and Commonwealth research organisations)
  • Applications are required to have at least one South Australian Government agency participant in the CRC as the funding arrangement will be between the Department of State Development and this agency not directly with the CRC.

Level and duration of funding

  • The Department of State Development will provide up to three years of funding at the following rates:
    • $100,000 for a CRC node located in South Australia
    • $200,000 for a CRC headquarter located in South Australia.
  • All funding is subject to the provision of an annual survey and CRC annual report to be submitted to the Department of State Development in December each year.

Eligible applications will be assessed competitively against the following criteria:

  • purpose of the CRC and the proposed benefits to South Australia
  • development of research themes and suitability of research leaders
  • expected outcomes of the CRC Assistance Program funding support, including how the funding will be used to increase the competitiveness of a CRC Programme application
  • alignment with one or more of South Australia’s priority areas
  • potential for the CRC to foster and build critical mass and key R&D capabilities in South Australia.

The selection process will be managed by the Department of State Development.

Applications will be assessed competitively on their relative merit against the selection criteria set out above.

Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis. A final decision to support an application will be made under Ministerial delegation.

Each party involved in the selection process must declare any conflict of interest that exists or is likely to arise in relation to any aspect of the application being submitted.  

Awarding of CRC Assistance Program funding will be subject to a formal standardised agreement between the State Government and the successful South Australian Government Agency, detailing the terms and conditions.

Once advice is received of an applicant’s success, the South Australian Government Agency must sign the Agreement within 30 calendar days. Once this date has passed, the State Government has the right to withdraw support of the application.

At the conclusion of the funding agreement, there will be no expectation of continued funding from the State Government to support the proposal. 

There are two parts to the application process:

Part 1

Applications must be submitted online and address the following:

  • a focussed description of the CRC i.e. key objectives, research themes, partner organisations etc
  • a description of expected outcomes resulting from Government funding support and key performance indicators
  • a description of governance arrangements of the CRC
  • summary of funding commitments to be provided by the Administering Organisation, research partners and any other stakeholders/industry support for the CRC. 

Please attach the following documents when you apply online:

  • Attach your CRC Bid Prospectus
  • Download and attach signed Confirmation of Application
Confirmation of Application
Download DOC | 130 KB

Applications must be lodged with Department of State Development by 12 midday (ACST), 5 June 2017.

Upon submission you will receive a receipt of your application along with a copy of your submission.

Part 2

With a time limit of 20 minutes, each CRC bid team will be given the opportunity to present their proposal to an assessment panel. Based on this and the application, the panel will provide their advice on which, if any, CRC bids the South Australian Government should support.

No more than four members of the bid team can present to the panel. An appropriate representative from the CRC’s South Australian Government participating agency must attend the proposal presentation.

Apply now

For more information, contact:

Sarah Thomas
Senior Policy Officer
Department of State Development
Phone (08) 8207 8776