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02 Feb 2016 Industry, Resources

State Government to hold Steel Summit

The State Government will this month hold a Steel Summit, bringing together sectors of the building and construction industry to discuss efforts to support our local steelmakers and fabricators.

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis will open the Summit which will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Tuesday, 16 February.

“South Australia is the birth place of the Australian steel industry but in the 21st Century our steelmakers and fabricators face some major challenges,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

“In response to the growing evidence of unfair trade practices and inferior imports, late last year the State Government announced a new steel policy that mandates all State Government construction builds use steel only from Australian-standard certified fabricators and mills.

“We also established a new Steel Taskforce that is working with the Industry Participation Advocate to design initiatives that ensure steelmakers and fabricators can compete fairly for local contracts, giving the industry a competitive edge against low quality imports.

“What this month’s Summit will do is bring together construction and building companies, industry groups, contractors, architects, steelmakers and fabricators to explain the aims of the Taskforce and the terms of the new steel procurement policy.

“It will include discussions on the establishment of a third-party audit process to ensure contractors are adhering to the new steel mandate, as well as State Government assistance available for local steel fabricators to become certified.

“It will also allow the industry to discuss further opportunities and actions needed to support Australia’s steel production both locally and across the nation.”

The Summit will be attended by the Australian Steel Industry Association Chief Executive Tony Dixon and Local Member for Giles Eddie Hughes, representing the steelmaking community of Whyalla.

Mr Hughes, who encouraged the creation of the Summit, once again called on the Federal Government, along with other states, to follow South Australia’s lead.

“South Australia is proud to lead the charge in supporting our steelmakers and fabricators,” Mr Hughes said.

“But to ensure the continued success of the steelmaking industry, South Australia cannot stand alone.

“We need the Federal Government to join the fight and ensure quality and safety standards on all Commonwealth and State Government-funded projects.

“The recent Anti-Dumping Commission’s preliminary findings that dumped Chinese-produced rebar is damaging the local steelmaking industry simply underlines the importance of a national strategy to combat unfair trade.”

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