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  • Thailand

Thailand’s growth has been steady over the past 10 years, building on its strategic geographic location, rich natural resources and efforts to increase trade and foreign capital.

Thailand has a rapidly urbanising population and a growing middle-class with changing consumer spending patterns.

Heavily dependent on gas as its energy source, Thailand will need to diversify its supply chains over the next few decades to keep up with growing demand.

Sector opportunities

Food and wine

Thailand’s tourism and hospitality industry has considerable imported food needs, creating opportunities for South Australia’s premium food and wine sector.

Education, research and development

South Australia has a world-class education system with extensive focus on research and development, innovation and international connections through academic and student bodies that can provide support to Thailand.

Heritage and city planning

South Australia and Thailand share challenges and opportunities in planning and development. Together, we can support Thailand’s urbanisation by supplying products, technology and services in construction and environmental areas. 

Professional services

Regional integration has been an important feature of South East Asia’s economic and political rise and provides ongoing opportunity for engagement and involvement of South Australia’s professional services sector.

Defence and advanced manufacturing

South Australian companies can provide cutting-edge capability solutions for military operations and expertise in advanced composite structure, automotive technologies, cast metals manufacturing, railway engineering and polymers.

Tourism, arts and culture

Engagement through South Australia’s arts and cultural institutions, events and activities, promote cross-cultural understanding, shared values and genuine interest in the national identities of both South Australia and Thailand.

Foreign direct investment

Thailand is an increasingly important source of investment and offers significant opportunities for South Australia as it positions itself to attract a greater share of FDI from the South East Asia region into the state.

Emerging exporters

Thailand has emerged as an industrial powerhouse with a strong regional hub for manufacturing in automotive, electronics and processed food and beverages that South Australian exporters can take advantage of.

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