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  • Indonesia

Indonesia is emerging as a regional and global economic powerhouse, as well as a strategic diplomatic partner for Australia.

Indonesia’s middle-class is expected to double to 141 million people by 2020.

The Indonesian Government is working hard to address challenges including infrastructure requirements, skills shortages and the need for investment in innovation.

Sector opportunities

Agriculture, food and wine

South Australia has a reputation for delivering high quality food and beverages worldwide and Indonesia provides opportunities to introduce improved production methods and support in areas such as seed research, modern planting and greenhouse methodology.

Education, research and development

Education and training is a sector that represents many opportunities for increased engagement and partnerships between South Australia and Indonesia.

Professional services

South Australia’s industry capabilities can provide support across infrastructure projects, sustainable water management and road safety initiatives in Indonesia.


Defence and advanced manufacturing

Our reputation for high-tech, advanced manufacturing and defence capabilities ensures that South Australia is able to support Indonesia in the advancement of this sector.


South Australia’s fashion scene is building an international reputation for its fashion design. There are mutual opportunities for growth and to enter the marketplace.

Arts and tourism

South Australia has much to offer as a prime tourism, arts and cultural destination. Known as the Festival State, South Australia hosts world-class events such as OzAsia and the internationally acclaimed Adelaide Oval is increasing the city’s appeal as a destination for tourism.


Government cooperation

With a plan to make progress on infrastructure and human capital, there is an opportunity for the South Australian Government to partner with the Indonesian Government on a journey of growth.

Emerging exporters

With the largest economy in South East Asia, South Australia has strong and close economic ties that emerging exporters can take advantage of.

Mining and mining services

South Australian companies can assist in the development of mining and mining services in Indonesia.

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