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  • Taiwan

Taiwan is a vibrant, developed and significant economy within the Asia region.

The country is one of the major traders of the Asia region, with strengths in ICT and manufacturing. With a population of 23 million and relatively high incomes, Taiwan presents opportunities for South Australian exporters in several areas.

Sector opportunities

Agriculture, food and wine

Taiwan’s relatively low self-sufficiency ratio means that it is heavily reliant on agricultural imports as a supplement to domestic supply. South Australia is in a strong position to meet this demand, particularly with the advantage of providing counter-seasonal produce.

Education, research and development

Taiwan is a relatively small market for international student recruitment in South Australian institutions. However, there is significant potential to attract more students as Australia consistently ranks in the top three international exchange and study destinations for Taiwanese students.

Health, biotechnology and aged care services

With an ageing population, the number of elderly requiring assistance and care services is growing. Steady demand for aged care, medical services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals is forecast for the immediate future, to which South Australia can offer its products and services. 


Water, energy and environmental management

The Taiwanese Government has established a target of 15% of its energy to be derived from renewable sources by 2025. As a resource-challenged country with an interest in developing clean, renewable technologies, Taiwan provides important opportunities for South Australia in this sector.

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