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  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

With a population of 5.9 million, the UAE is the largest Gulf economy after Saudi Arabia and is gradually diversifying its economy to prevent over-dependency on oil revenues.

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the UAE's seven emirates, while Dubai is the most populous city. Dubai is known as a global city and business hub with 80 per cent of the population comprised of expatriates.

Dubai in particular, has striven to implement highly business-friendly policies to encourage trade and investment, and is now a major transport hub for passengers and cargo.

Key South Australian exports to the UAE include rape and colza seeds, wheat and meslin, dried lentils and almonds. There are strong export opportunities for South Australia in the areas of agribusiness, premium food and wine, smart and renewable technology, health care, and resources and energy.

Sector opportunities

Agribusiness, premium food and wine

The UAE has a growing and affluent population comprised largely of expatriates, which presents significant opportunities for the export of South Australian premium food and wine to hotel chains and restaurants. 

Smart and renewable technology

Green and renewable energy and technologies, an area in which South Australia has much expertise, are of increasing interest to the UAE. 

Health care

With the provision of high quality health care a priority, South Australia can provide assistance in education and training, preventative medicine, primary care, health care infrastructure and policy development. 


Resources and energy

The UAE is growing as a hub for mining equipment, technology and services companies expanding into neighbouring regions, providing opportunities to attract investment into South Australian resources.

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