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  • Kuwait

Kuwait, an aspiring financial and commercial centre for the northern Gulf region.

Kuwait is a geographically small but relatively wealthy and open economy with a population of 4.2 million, a significant number of which are expatriates. Real GDP grew by 2.5 per cent in 2016.

Kuwait possesses extensive oil reserves and is highly dependent on these for revenue. The Kuwaiti Government has developed a strategic plan to transform Kuwait into a financial and commercial centre for the northern Gulf region. The plan also aims to encourage social development through spending on energy and infrastructure projects and strengthening the role of the private sector.

Key South Australian merchandise exports to Kuwait include confidential items of trade, live animals, fresh meat, and fruit and nuts. Over 1000 Australians reside in Kuwait and work within the education, banking, resources and security industries.

Kuwait’s long-term development strategy to upskill its citizens and invest in major infrastructure projects creates significant opportunities for South Australia. Key sectors of opportunity include agribusiness and premium food, health, resources and water management.

Sector opportunities

Agribusiness and premium food

An important export market for South Australian agricultural produce, there is an opportunity to increase exports of grains, meat and live animals.


Kuwait is currently investing in upgrading and modernising its health system, giving South Australia a chance to provide health care solutions as well as innovative medical devices and technology.

Resources and water management

Kuwait is highly dependent on desalinated seawater and its water consumption is among the world’s highest. South Australian companies can accordingly promote their expertise in water management technologies and services.



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