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  • Egypt

Egypt has a youthful and large population of 95 million and is currently the 13th largest export market for South Australia.

Key exports include wheat, meslin, lentils, copper and meat products.

Egypt has been identified as a market with significant potential for high growth due to its large population, import dependency and strategic location in the MENA region.

Policy priorities for the Egyptian Government include diversifying and modernising its energy sector, urban development and expanding the education and vocational training sector.

Opportunities for South Australia lie in agribusiness and premium food exports, as well as services in water management, mining, resources and energy, and education. 

Sector opportunities

Agribusiness and premium food

Due to limited agricultural capacity, Egypt relies on imports of food and South Australia can provide exports of wheat, meslin, vegetables and meat.

Water management

The Egyptian Government is currently endeavouring to improve access to high quality water services and sanitation, which presents significant opportunities for South Australian companies with expertise in water and wastewater management.

Mining, resources and energy

A revised renewable energy policy, plans to diversify energy sources and improve energy efficiency give South Australian renewable energy companies a chance to showcase how they can assist.



Educational partnerships can be explored for South Australian education institutions in research collaboration, partnerships and postgraduate training programs.

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A dedicated team is on hand to support businesses looking to export to MENA.