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2016 Annual Small Business Statement launched.

The 2016 Annual Small Business Statement sets out a clear action plan for the South Australian Government to work with small businesses and industry associations to support them in local, national and international market places.

The Statement builds upon policy and reform foundations that are already helping to make South Australia the best place to do business – including tax reform, establishing the role of the Small Business Commissioner and providing financial support for small businesses.

Support for small business

South Australia’s 140,000 small businesses are the backbone of the state’s economy and key drivers of employment and growth, contributing to South Australia’s billions of dollars in major developments.

As the state’s economy transitions from one based on traditional manufacturing toward high-value adding industries, agile small businesses operating in a wide variety of industry and service sectors will be vital to maintaining the resilience and vibrancy of the economy. 

The South Australian Government is committed to supporting the growth of the state’s small businesses, providing the right conditions and equipping businesses with the tools to innovate and grow.

Key actions

The 2016 Annual Small Business Statement outlines key actions undertaken by the South Australian Government to support small businesses, aligning to three pillars:

1. Make South Australia the best place to do business

  • These actions aim to improve the operating environment for small businesses in South Australia

2. Help businesses to build their competitiveness

  • These actions aim to assist South Australian small businesses to gain and maintain a distinct competitive edge, which can withstand global competition

3. Make it easier to find new business opportunities

  • These actions aim to increase awareness of potential new business prospects and market opportunities for South Australia’s small businesses. 

Download the statement

Download the Small Business Statement

2016 Annual Small Business Statement
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