Department of State Development

South Australia’s history and prosperity is inextricably linked to the success of its minerals and energy sector and its services supply chain

Strategic Statement

For South Australia’s minerals and energy services suppliers to grow, they must identify and implement global best-practice systems and equipment to help their customers.

The South Australian Minerals and Energy Services Strategic Statement has identified strategic priorities which form the foundation from which initiatives and actions to drive growth can be developed, discussed and delivered.

The strategic priorities are divided into two main categories; commercial excellence and future technologies.

To position South Australia as a recognised and world-leading minerals and energy services hub requires South Australia’s resources sector supply chain – including SMEs – to expand beyond South Australian minerals and energy sectors.

The Department of State Development, in conjunction with industry bodies, will support regular engagement against each of the strategic priorities.

Minerals and Energy Services Strategic Statement

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This engagement will be ongoing. To provide further feedback or suggests please contact Gavin Asikas, Acting Manager, Industry Development on (08) 8303 2472.

South Australian Minerals and Energy Services Strategic Statement
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