Department of State Development

The Centre of Excellence supports the development of local supply chains to enable South Australian based companies to compete nationally and globally to provide high value added products and services to the resources sector.

Innovation seed funding of $10 million has been committed over five years toward the development of strategically important capabilities in areas such as:

  • Deep resource exploration and deep mining
  • Next generation minerals processing
  • Leading practice in mine rehabilitation and environmental protection
  • Mine to mill optimisation, ore selection and pre-concentration, mine logistics
  • Automating the resource sector through innovative ICT applications across the entire mining lifecycle
  • Leading practice in multiple land use policy and community engagement
  • Deep gas well operations and training.

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How it works

The Centre of Excellence brings together resource companies, research institutions and service providers to drive resource sector growth in South Australia.

It supports innovative new ideas with seed funding acting as a catalyst for developing the capabilities industry places value on.

By linking resource companies with applied research institutions and innovative services companies, the Centre of Excellence will foster an innovative environment for the minerals and energy sector, increase competitiveness, reduce costs and help find solutions to problems.

The Centre of Excellence is administered by experienced and skilled individuals who support the linking of industry with local businesses and researchers.

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A dedicated team is on hand to support transition into the resources sector.