Department of State Development

Our 10-year Manufacturing Works strategy aims to drive the transition of manufacturing to high value-added activities that compete on value for money, not solely on cost.

Manufacturing is recognised as a key component of prosperous and resilient economies around the world and has always been a cornerstone of South Australia’s economy.  

Growing advanced manufacturing is one of the South Australian Government's seven key priorities.

The strategy outlines programs and initiatives that will support manufacturers to innovate and prosper in an increasingly competitive global environment. 

These programs will help local manufacturers develop products and services that are internationally competitive and linked to global supply chains, particularly where we have proven strengths - mineral and energy resources, agriculture and food, defence, construction, science and other knowledge-intensive manufacturing.

By building on these and other strengths, Manufacturing Works can help can trigger growth in productivity, innovation, exports, high-value services and jobs.

Specifically, the four pillars of action in the strategy are to:

  • enhance the capacity of manufacturers to innovate
  • upgrade the leadership, knowledge and skills of the South Australian workforce
  • capture future markets and opportunities
  • address infrastructure and policy gaps.

Resources and downloads

Manufacturing Strategy 2013/2014
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Summary: Manufacturing Strategy 2013/2014
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Assessment of the Manufacturing Works Program

In April 2015, the Department of State Development commissioned independent global consulting firm Frost and Sullivan to evaluate the impacts of the Manufacturing Works strategy to date. The 10-year strategy, which commenced in 2012, is the Government’s long-term approach to ensuring manufacturing provides a sustainable contribution to our economy, through building business capability, accelerating the uptake of new technologies and increasing collaboration between industry and research. The evaluation found that Manufacturing Works has already generated significant outcomes for manufacturers and the State, with participants out-performing the broader manufacturing industry in employment and sales income.

The benefits include an estimated:

  • 290 new jobs created to April 2015
  • $88 million of additional revenue for participants
  • $26 million of value-add to the South Australian economy. 

Download the report

Assessment of the Manufacturing Works Program
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