Department of State Development

In partnership with Primary Industry and Regions SA and Food SA, this program aims to help develop smart food clusters, encourage innovation and apply new technologies in the state's food manufacturing sector.

Establishing specialised food clusters is a key objective of the Manufacturing Works strategy.

Food manufacturing, like other forms of manufacturing, can benefit from specialist clusters that bring together companies with a similar focus so they can share knowledge and skills.

Food clusters also encourage companies to work collaboratively to:

  • experiment and innovate with food technology relating to textures, flavours and aromas
  • implement effective production technologies around processing, packaging and storage
  • capture value through consumer intelligence and market trends and
  • enhance the sector's branding.

The program combines two of the Government's seven priorities:

It is also consistent with the State Government's Food Strategy 2010-2015 (PDF).

For more information, contact:

Food SA
Phone: 8303 9435