Department of State Development

Haigh’s Chocolates distinguishes itself in three key ways:

  • its longevity as a successful and growing family-owned and operated South Australian business enterprise
  • its shift from a cottage industry to a sophisticated manufacturing retailer
  • its creation of a luxury brand with high-quality products that command a premium price.

The company was established by Alfred Haigh in Adelaide in 1915 and today employs 350 people around Australia. Its people learned the art of fine, handcrafted chocolate-making from Lindt and Sprungli in Switzerland in the 1950s and this has been pivotal to the company’s success as a high-value confectioner in the Australian market. It now competes against multinational companies on the basis of quality, customer experience and tradition.

Consumer experience

For Haigh’s, the consumer experience is paramount. It creates and captures value by making sure it has a high level of direct control over the enterprise’s activities, from bean to bar. This enables it to guarantee that its brand lives up to the promise of quality, luxury and friendly and personalised customer service. This extends not only to the excellence and range of its premium-priced products, but to the control of channels to- market. Painstaking attention is paid to the layout of retail stores and priority is given to staff training in both manufacturing and retail.

Sustainability edge

To further distinguish itself from its mass-market competitors, Haigh’s has taken an industry lead on sustainability. It uses biodegradable packaging and donates a percentage of sales of selected products to a range of charities and non-profit organisations. This adds value to its brand and attracts consumer support.