Department of State Development

Major economic challenges reinforce the need for manufacturers to build new competitive capabilities to serve national and global markets.

Two years on, the Manufacturing Works strategy continues to support South Australian manufacturers as they transition to high value-added, globally competitive and innovative activities that compete on value for money, not solely on cost.

Since the strategy’s launch, more than 230 manufacturing firms have participated in and/or received support under Manufacturing Works. Some of the highlights are outlined below.

Enhance the capacity of manufacturers to innovate

  • 44 projects have been supported with total funding of $1.45 million under the Innovation Voucher Program (IVP), which aims to encourage businesses to innovate and create high-value products and services by encouraging collaboration between industry and the research sector. Of these projects, to date 18 have been completed.
  • The SME Innovation Capacity Program has provided 45 companies with access to targeted training from globally recognised experts in business transformation, including developing customer insight, new business models and new revenue sources from service offerings to increase profitability.
  • The Innovation catalyst through new technologies initiative has been established to help South Australian manufacturers explore new and transformative manufacturing technologies to increase their competitiveness and access new market opportunities.
  • Four projects have been accepted into the Photonics Catalyst Program, which aims to connect South Australia’s manufacturers with emerging laser and sensor technologies. An additional 31 projects are in the pipeline.
  • Seven manufacturers are exploring new opportunities to experiment with nanotechnologies through the NanoConnect Program.
  • Nine projects have been accepted into the Medical Technologies Program, which supports manufacturers to develop medical technologies. An additional 41 projects are in the pipeline.
  • The Manufacturing Technologies Program is exploring six future technology areas for possible application by South Australian manufacturers, including additive manufacturing, advanced materials, advanced robotics and automation, photonics, digital technology and big data analytics.


Upgrade the leadership, knowledge and skills
of manufacturing workers

  • Four Manufacturing Leaders Network events have been held to support local manufacturers connect with and learn from leading local and international industry executives and academic experts about global trends and practical pathways to high-performance manufacturing.
  • The Smart Workplaces Online self-help tool has been launched to help manufacturers identify their strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations to help manufacturers become high-performance workplaces.
  • A new Advanced Manufacturing Students Program for high school students has been developed and will be delivered by the Australian Industry Group in 2015.


Capture future markets and opportunities

  • The Mining Industry Participation Office (MIPO), established in early 2013, continues to help industry respond to and exploit the opportunities available in the mining and energy resources sector.
  • MIPO has conducted an ICT Roadmap for Minerals and Energy Resource Project, to identify and develop new and local innovative ICT products and services.
  • MIPO administers the Mining and Petroleum Services Centre of Excellence innovation fund, which drives commercialisation of key research through collaboration between industry, small and medium enterprises and universities. Seven projects have received Centre of Excellence funding at a total value of $2.3 million.
  • Through the Defence Industry Program an aerospace cluster has been established with the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC).
  • A strategy and governance structure has been developed to determine how the Alliance will secure growth through the collective capabilities of its members.
  • The Automotive Supplier Diversification Program has been established to support automotive supply chain manufacturers in diversifying and securing alternative revenue streams for a sustainable future.
  • Through the Competitive Foods Initiative, a range of innovation-based collaboration opportunities were undertaken to assist food and beverage manufacturers capture new market opportunities.


Address infrastructure and policy gaps

  • GRANTassist has been established to provide South Australian businesses with access to up-to-date information more than 250 State and Federal Government assistance programs across industry sectors.
  • The Venture Catalyst Program is assisting students to translate ideas into business opportunities to generate economic growth for South Australia. Two technology-based projects have recently been awarded funding of $50,000 each.
  • The Tonsley project was officially launched in May 2013, to redevelop the former Mitsubishi Motors site into a collaborative, high-value industry, education and research hub. Industry attraction efforts are focused on high-value manufacturing businesses across the mining and resources, clean technologies and renewable energy, health and medical technologies and sustainable building sectors.
  • Tonsley TAFE is open and training 800 students per day at its state-of-the-art trade training facility.
  • Flinders University will open its new 18,000 square metre facility at Tonsley in January 2015. It will house 2,000 students and 150 staff.
  • Siemens, Basetec Services, ZEN Energy Systems, Tier 5, Signostics and Hills Industries have confirmed investment at the site.
  • Construction of a State Drill Core Reference Library will form an important part of a resources hub at Tonsley.
  • A series of Centres of Excellence (CoE) at Tonsley will aid the development of new knowledge and skills required for South Australia’s growing industries.