Department of State Development

South Australia is home to a project exploring how to establish Adelaide as a national Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hub to service the mineral and energy resources sector with cutting-edge ICT solutions.

The ICT Roadmap for Minerals and Energy Resources Project is industry-led and driven by the Australian Information Industries Association (AIIA) in partnership with the Department of State Development.

ICT drives business transformation and innovation across all sectors – including minerals and energy - and is, increasingly, defining how relevant and competitive Australia is in the global economy.

The roadmap also aims to help realise one of the South Australian Government’s Seven Key Priorities: Realising the benefits of the mining boom for all.

ICT Roadmap: A vision for ICT in minerals and energy

The roadmap documents identify innovative ICT approaches that can significantly decrease costs and improve productivity, supply chain management, occupational health and safety, data collection and management, environmental management and global competitiveness.

More specifically, the roadmap focuses on the following ideas:

  • current use of ICT in mining
  • future trends
  • gaps
  • ICT research capabilities
  • immediate requirements
  • future opportunities.

We want to build on existing intellectual and technical expertise in the minerals and energy resources sector, capture knowledge, attract new businesses and develop internationally competitive clusters of mining service businesses in South Australia.

The roadmap brings together experts from industry, research and government to collaborate on innovation projects. Twelve project proposals were presented by ICT companies and research organisations at the ICT Roadmap Industry Roundtable on 16 October 2013, where there was initial discussion and assessment of the projects.

The proposals will be further developed and discussed with mining and energy companies. A number will be consolidated and business cases prepared for funding as part of the work of the new Centre of Excellence for Minerals and Energy. The aim is to develop collaborative, pre-competitive projects where a number of companies might share the benefits.

ICT Roadmap: Scenarios, reports and summary documents

Full Report: Scenarios for ICT in Minerals and Energy in 2025 (prepared by CSIRO, July 2013)
Download PDF | 6.39 MB
Summary: ICT Scenarios and Opportunities - Minerals 2025 (Prepared by CSIRO)
Download PDF | 1.2MB
Summary: ICT Scenarios and Opportunities - Energy 2025 (Prepared by CSIRO)
Download PDF | 1.1MB
Full Report: ICT Roadmap for Minerals and Energy (prepared by Deloitte, July 2013)
Download PDF | 1.1MB
Summary: ICT Roadmap - Mining (Prepared by Deloitte)
Download PDF | 650KB
Summary: ICT Roadmap - Energy (Prepared by Deloitte)
Download PDF | 650KB


ICT Roadmap: Mining and Petroleum Services Centre of Excellence Reports

Remote Operations Centre (ROC) Stage 1 Report
Download PDF | 1 MB
Real Time Drill Site Final Report
Download PDF | 645 KB
Remote Operations Centre (ROC) Stage 2 – Final Report
Download PDF | 3 MB
Predictive Analytics – Final Report 21 Jan 2017
Download PDF | 857 KB
Approvals, Obligations and Compliance (AOC) Project – White Paper – Final Report
Download PDF | 644 KB
Big Data improving the productivity of minerals processing – Final Report
Download PDF | 1 MB

Resources and downloads

ICT Roadmap: Second roundtable report (prepared by Deloitte, November 2013)
Download PDF | 3.7MB
Mining and oil and gas value chains
Download PDF | 283KB
ICT Pathways in the Minerals and Energy Resources Industries - Background Literature Review (Developed by CSIRO, May 2013)
Download PDF | 380KB
Inventory of ICT Capabilities at South Australia's Universities (prepared by Ian Wark Research Institute, UniSA and commissioned by CSIRO, June 2013)
Download PDF | 300KB