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The High Performing Workplace Index builds a clear picture of your workplace and assesses you against competitors and across your industry.

The High Performing Workplace Index survey

If you want to know how your business is performing, both against your competitors and across your industry, you can undertake the High Performing Workplace Index (HPWI) survey.

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Why focus on workplace performance?

Around the world, businesses are becoming more successful by increasing the performance of their workplaces.

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How does the High Performing Workplace Index work?

Participating in the survey will help generate a complete picture of your workplace, identify how your business rates and how you can improve.

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Wellbeing and high performance

The higher the level of wellbeing among staff members in a workplace, the higher the level of performance and productivity.

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The High Performance Workplace Index is an Australian initiative funded by the Australian and South Australian governments.

Australian GovernmentGovernment of South Australia