Department of State Development
The power to win for automotive workers

06 September

The power to win for automotive workers

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Port Adelaide Football club has joined forces with the Department of State Development to help current and former automotive workers build pathways for to new jobs and careers.

Presenting a series of workshops, the football club’s community arm leverages its popularity with its fans to deliver targeted information.

In one event Paddy Ryder and Russell Ebert shared how they rose to the next level in their careers through being strong, positive, and setting goals.

The session aimed to get workers thinking positively about taking action and being prepared as they start planning for their next job.

In another session auto supply-chain workers joined David Koch, Premier Jay Weatherill, and AFL legend, Gavin Wanganeen at the Port Adelaide Football Club for a special financial planning session.

Workers were given practical tips and advice from Kochie and a number of speakers to empower them as they plan for their futures beyond automotive manufacturing.

These initatives are all part of the Drive your Future campaign that works to empower automotive workers as the motor industry winds down in South Australia.

For more information check the Drive Your Future website and Facebook page.