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More jobs in the north from environmentally-friendly bus build

12 April

More jobs in the north from environmentally-friendly bus build

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New industries continue to appear in Northern Adelaide, taking up the talent available as the automotive industry winds down.

The successful manufacture of four environmentally efficient buses, funded by a $2 million Northern Economic Plan grant, has led to an additional 50 buses to be manufactured for supply interstate, creating significant opportunities for northern Adelaide suppliers and workers. It is hoped that this additional interest will lead to an e-mobility industry hub in northern Adelaide.

The first bus was unveiled in February for use as part of a city-wide trial on Adelaide’s main public transport network.

The bus build has created jobs for 29 workers in various engineering and operational roles. As the business continues to grow there is potential for the creation of a further 50 jobs. On the supply side, the project already engaged with over 20 local suppliers.

A strategic alliance has seen Precision Components and Bustech -part of the Transit Australia Group - collaborate on the design, engineering and manufacturing of the buses.

The alliance is being provided with specialist engineering, manufacturing and supply chain development support by ZF Lemforder Australia, which received $29,000 in funding through the Automotive Supplier Diversification Program to find ways of diversifying from its 100% reliance on supplying parts to Holden.

Precision Components Director Mat Fitch said, “The success of this project is a testament to both the capabilities of resources in the State, and the focus on advanced manufacturing opportunities.

“This alliance is committed to maximising the use of local materials and suppliers across the manufacturing process to provide the most benefit to the northern Adelaide community.”

The trial will provide the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure with information about how electric and low carbon emission buses might be used as part of Adelaide’s main public transport network.

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