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Adelaide Fringe talent lands on world stage

04 April

Adelaide Fringe talent lands on world stage

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Collaborating with government departments isn’t a top-of-mind strategy for many artists, but Arts South Australia is turning that around.

Cabaret artist Michael Griffiths found out just how effective it was when his participation in one Arts South Australia initiative resulted in a US tour and an upcoming London show in the RoyalAlbert Hall.

Arts South Australia’s Made in Adelaide took a group of artists – including Michael - to Edinburgh Fringe last year to showcase a taste of Adelaide arts and culture.

Michael directly attributes his current success to his participation in the program, and said it was his best-reviewed season yet.

“Going to Edinburgh… maintained and increased my international profile and has secured me further employment. I was thrilled to be a part of it and hope it continues,” said Michael.

Made in Adelaide is just one of Arts South Australia’s initiatives to drive the success and professional credibility of the sector, making it a key partner in showcasing South Australian arts and artists.

Their newest industry initiative is ShowBroker, which aims to develop better market opportunities for local and national creatives and presenters here in Australia, by getting Adelaide talent seen and booked by national and international producers looking for tour-ready work.

More than 200 of the nation’s performing arts decision-makers gathered in Adelaide on 28 February for the inaugural ShowBroker: National Touring Arts Market.

The three-day market was presented in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival Centre and featured a program of 39 pitches and five excerpts chosen by a specialist panel from 199 applications nationwide.

To remove any financial barriers to participation, Arts South Australia offered independent producers and artists Go Pitch Fund assistance of $750-$1500 towards travel and accommodation costs, and travel assistance was also offered to boost access for outer regional and remote presenters.

Only time will tell which artists will be able to make the most of this unique opportunity but the overall benefits for Adelaide artists, and Adelaide’s arts scene, are significant.

The collective impact of ShowBroker, Made in Adelaide and the annual Adelaide Fringe Honey Pot initiative, which last year resulted in over 50 shows being presented again outside of the Adelaide Fringe, is that more artists and more arts lovers will be attracted to Adelaide as the calibre of our arts markets continue to grow.

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