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Additional funding to strengthen Adult Community Education in South Australia

21 September

Additional funding to strengthen Adult Community Education in South Australia

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The state's Adult Community Education (ACE) program has been boosted by an additional $3.8m in funding over four years, which will better connect people to learning and training in their community.

The additional funding outlined in the recently launched ACE Program Statement, comes after comprehensive consultation with 130 current and potential ACE providers, ACE tutors and participants, human services peak bodies and commonwealth and State Government departments.

The consultation identified strategies to strengthen the ACE program including:

  • Improve the foundation skills of adult learners
  • Increase the number of people participating in community based learning
  • Increase the number of people successfully transitioning to further education, volunteering, training and employment
  • Expand ACE services to regions where there is currently minimal provision, and to groups under-represented in the ACE program
  • Provide more support and flexibility for the ACE workforce
  • Reduce red tape.

The ACE program is a significant contributor to the education and training sector, delivering accredited and non-accredited foundation skills training in community centres, neighbourhood houses, libraries and councils.

The Statement was released alongside the state’s independent Training and Skills Commission’s Skills for Future Jobs 2020 Recognising the Value of ACE in South Australia.

Training and Skills Commission Chair Michael Boyce said the ACE sector is of immense value to the state.

"As well as social and community benefits, the Commission was keen to understand the return on the government’s investment in ACE and subsequently commissioned the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies to undertake this research," he said.

"The Commission is particularly pleased to see the value of ACE recognised through an increase in Government expenditure on this fundamentally important service."