Department of State Development

The International and Higher Education unit of the Department of State Development assists education and training providers to attract international students to South Australia.

International and Higher Education supports providers to participate in the Government’s overseas trade and engagement strategies for the state’s key international student markets.

In collaboration with StudyAdelaide, International and Higher Education implements the Destination Adelaide strategy and develops policy to build South Australia’s international competitiveness as a ‘first choice destination’ for tertiary study and research.

International and Higher Education works closely with training and education stakeholders to assist in identifying potential trading partners and overseas networks.

Education and training providers are encouraged to consider participating in inbound and outbound business missions.

JLL report: Adelaide Student Accommodation Demand and Supply Analysis

A report from leading property management firm JLL Australia reveals Adelaide performs better than most Australian capital cities when it comes to student accommodation availability.

Adelaide’s ratio of full-time student to purpose built accommodation beds at 9:1 is greater than Brisbane (15:1), Sydney (16:1) and Melbourne (17:1).

The report indicates further good signs for growth in the international student sector:

  • There is currently no shortage of land surrounding any of the three public universities campuses.
  • Adelaide’s city centre is still relatively underdeveloped compared with the eastern states with room for growth as international student numbers increase.
  • Purpose built accommodation developments in the pipeline for the CBD will result in approximately 1000 new beds over the next two years.
Adelaide: Student Accommodation Demand and Supply Analysis
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International Education Action Plan

After consultation with the international education sector in South Australia, the International Education Action Plan sets out how the Government together with the sector will increase the number of international students studying in South Australia from 28,300 in 2013 (baseline) to 35,500 by the end of 2017.

Aim of this action plan:

10 point action plan

Plan is to ensure South Australia increases the number of international students


Download the plan

International Education Action Plan
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Deloitte Access Economics report: International education in South Australia

The International Education Action Plan has been informed by a Deloitte Access Economics report which estimates the current contribution of the international education and training sector to South Australia, as well as forecasts potential future growth for the sector from 2016 to 2026.

Download the report

Deloitte Access Economic Report
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Download Destination Adelaide PDFDestination Adelaide

Destination Adelaide is a plan to strengthen, support and grow the international student sector.

The plan provides the overarching direction for building South Australia’s brand and reputation and promoting Adelaide as an education destination of choice.

The vision is to strengthen the StudyAdelaide brand off-shore, support international education and training providers, and grow student numbers and Adelaide’s reputation as a leader in delivering a premium education and student experience.

In total the State Government has committed $9.9 million dollars over four years for a range of strategic initiatives to position South Australia as the premier destination for international students.

The Destination Adelaide campaign aims to increase the presence and recognition of BrandSA and StudyAdelaide in international markets, ultimately resulting in more international students studying in South Australia.

Destination Adelaide
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