Department of State Development

Offering South Australian manufacturers opportunities to experiment with advanced nanotechnologies and facilitate engagement with key local technology researchers.

Delivered through Flinders University's Centre for Nanoscale Science and Technology, the NanoConnect program will draw upon the technical capability of researchers at all South Australian-based universities to best match the skills with company needs.

At each stage, the program will assess companies and projects to ensure that the ideas have a realistic potential to be commercialised and that the potential opportunity and solution fits within the scope of NanoConnect.

Participants in the NanoConnect Program will receive a technical feasibility assessment of their project and a two month laboratory based 'proof of concept' project.

To be eligible, proposals must:

  • be proposed by a company, commercial enterprise or an individual who agrees to form an entity or proposed connection in South Australia
  • be technically feasible
  • involve nanotechnology
  • be commercially feasible
  • involve active participation by the company/individual through a co-contribution of cash ($5,000 ex GST) plus in-kind support.

Project proposals will be assessed by the NanoConnect Assessment Panel and will be ranked according to the following criteria:

  • an achievable technology solution is identified
  • a commitment of interest by the applicant in the project
  • level of commercial feasibility of the application
  • benefits of the project to South Australia.

Participants in NanoConnect will be eligible to enter the Enterprise Workshop, an initiative of the New Ventures Institute, as a preferred client. The Enterprise Workshop is a practical education program to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

For more information or to apply for this program:

An expression of interest (EOI) should be sent to the NanoConnect program team at Flinders University. Further information and application advice can be found on their website.