Department of State Development

Established in May 2014
Managed by Defence Teaming Centre

The Australian Aerospace Alliance was established to enable Australian aerospace companies to share knowledge, improve capabilities and pursue opportunities in the global defence and commercial aerospace sectors, with specialty in:

  • Avionic systems and electronic products
  • Software solutions
  • Autonomous systems
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Aircraft sustainment

The Aerospace Alliance is a collaborative project between the Defence Teaming Centre, South Australia’s defence industry and the Department of State Development. Work commenced in mid-2013 and continues with significant progress having been made in the establishment of an Aerospace Alliance cluster.  The approach to date has entailed drawing upon best practice for other, similar industrial cluster development activities which have taken place internationally and working with key stakeholders within Australia to foster high levels of commitment from companies for the development of a national Advanced Manufacturing Aerospace Alliance. 


For more information, contact:

Les Shearn
Alliance Facilitator
Defence Teaming Centre
T: +61 8 7320 1011